Meet educational entertainment that enhances:

Our Mission

Ditch Wizard Games strives to not only build engaging and effective STEM based learning applications for the primary grade levels, but also to promote children’s confidence with numbers, critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving and multi-tasking abilities.

Make learning smarter, not harder

We believe that modern STEM based learning should do more than teach kids to be proficient. Our games rely on personalized adaptive learning to provide students with a strong foundation in all subjects of STEM education.

Watch STEM skills evolve as plots do

We all love the kind of story that keeps us on the edge of our seat. What kids love even more is being the hero in a story like that. Meanwhile, parents love watching STEM skills improve as a storyline progresses, seamlessly integrating entertainment with education.

Track skill progression

Sure educational games are great – but how do you know the screen time's worth it? What sets our games apart is built-in performance and results tracking. Parents and teachers can get insight into how quickly students are learning which skills and where there’s room for improvement.

STEM education that’s OUT OF THIS WORLD

Or classroom...really wherever your smartphone takes you. Educators, designers and developers came together with one mission: creating digital educational entertainment that kids love as much as their parents and teachers. We don't only create cool STEM based learning games, but we also develop story-driven content to increase engagement and practice. STEM education is part of the core foundation of every child's future, which makes STEM education the foundation of our games. To see what we mean, join us on our maiden voyage to outer space to become the Mathstronaut. Only your math skills can save the solar system, Mathstronaut.

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